Top 5 NFL teams from this year’s 2022 NFL Draft (Round 1)!

Top 5 NFL teams from this year’s 2022 NFL Draft (Round 1)!

This year’s NFL draft was unpredicted! Marquise “Hollywood” Brown was traded to the Arizona Cardinals with the 100th pick in exchange for the 23rd overall pick. Not even 30 minutes later, the Eagles made their 2nd trade of the draft, acquiring A.J Brown from the Tennessee Titans in exchange for the 18th overall pick and the 101st overall pick. However, which teams stood out in round 1, whether it’s drafting, trading for picks or trading for players. These are the top 5 teams who got the best value in this year’s draft!


5. Detroit Lions – B+

The Lions made some moves that are pretty straight forward but they still got very good value for their picks. Trading for the 12th pick was very important since whoever Detroit ends up getting for their quarterback (they have the 14th pick in the 2nd round tonight), they will know they have a talented wide receiver to put right next to them. They also had a great value pick, drafting Aidan Hutchinson at #2. However, it doesn’t help their grade too much since that was expected. However, for a rebuilding team like the Lions, they put themselves in an amazing situation after round 1 of the draft!

4. New York Jets – A-

While the Jets had 3, great value 1st round picks, the still only rank #4 on the list. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, who was the #4 overall pick, was projected to be at that spot so while it’s a good pick it’s not an amazing value pick. Same thing with Garrett Wilson at #10, great player but he was also projected to go at the spot they drafted him at. But, at #26, the Jets got a steal by drafting Jermaine Johnson. He is a very talented edge rusher and was #10 in my NFL mock draft and getting him at 26 is arguably the best value pick of the draft.

3. New York Giants – A

First of all, I was very happen to see “Make a Wish” kid, Sam Prince be able to say that draft pick. He is a close friend of mine. I was very happen to see him up there. And he said a great pick from the Giants, Kayvon Thibodeaux at #5 overall. The EDGE rusher out of Oregon could have easily been a top 3 pick and the Giants got him at #5. They also got one of the best value picks of the whole draft, Evan Neal, my #1 pick at #7.  2 steals for the “New York Football Giants” as Prince on the Pod would say!

2. Baltimore Ravens – A

What’s new! The Ravens had another good 1st round draft pick(s) in 2022. Kyle Hamilton, who was a top 5 talent in this year’s draft, fell all the way to #14 for the Ravens. While they have some safety depth, this definitely improves their overall secondary depth. They also traded Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and an early 4th round pick for the 23rd pick. Consider the fact that the Eagles gave that up for A.J. Brown, the Ravens had an amazing trade. They then traded that 23rd pick for the 25th pick and an early 5th round pick. The Ravens then used that 25th pick to draft C Tyler Linderbaum which is a very safe pick. Every single center (8) that was drafted from 2000-2015 got another contract from that same team according to Mike Tannenbaum.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – A+

The Eagles had an active, successful day last night. They traded up to #13 and drafted Jordan Davis in that spot. Davis was a Heisman candidate with Georgian because of his dominance and speed. The 340 pound defensive lineman ran a 4.78 40 yard dash. Insane! Then they traded for A.J. Brown and only gave up a similar package to what the Cardinals gave up for Brown. Shows good value. Brown will push the Eagles to playoff contenders in 2022!

After a crazy night 1, what will day #2 bring us?


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