It’s the season of an end of an era…that may go down in the record books!

It’s the season of an end of an era…that may go down in the record books!

Today is a sad and emotional day for Duke fans. Mike Krzyzewski will play his final game Cameron Indoor Stadium today. And of course, against their arch nemeses, North Carolina. We can go on for articles and articles and articles about the greatness of Krzyzewski, his records and what he has accomplished. Here are some of those things below:


5 National Championships

12 Final Fours

15 ACC Tournament Championships

13 ACC Regular Season titles

Recruited 68 NBA Players to Duke

A 1,196-365 (.776) record

Most wins of all time by a College Basketball Coach (Not just D1)


Again, we can go on forever. Bottom line is this. Coach K is easily the greatest College Basketball Coach of all tine. When for 42 seasons you can make 36 March Madness Appearances, you are clearly considered to be the greatest college basketball coach of all time. However, below is how Coach K could win another National Championship in his 36th March Madness Tournament!

2021-2022 Duke

Krzyzewski is an amazing recruiter in case you couldn’t tell. Again he has recruited, what ended up being, 68 NBA players. That is 1.61 players that make it out of Duke and Coach K and go into the NBA per year! That is unheard of! Coach K has another “Big Shot” player this year. Paolo Banchero will be one of the top 3 picks in this draft with Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren. Banchero is a decent outside shooter who is a great scorer and brings great defense. That is an even better version than a Jayson Tatum type of player. While building an overall great team is important, sometimes in sports, it comes down to the best player on the court/field/ice. Not many teams if any can say they have a better player than Banchero.

Duke also has Wendell Moore and Mark Williams who are projected to be 1st round picks on NBA Draft Net’s, NBA Mock Draft. With wins over Kentucky and Gonzaga and a team that has made little to no mistakes this year, Coach K has his squad at #4 in the country just 1 week before his final ACC tournament. Duke has the talent…and the coaching to go all the way!

Look at history

I’ve always loved cool sports stories. To me, that is what sports is about. As a Ravens fan, I love looking back on how Ray Lewis said he would retire at the end of the 2012 season and then backed it up with a Super Bowl championship. Only legends do something like that. Call their retirement and win. John Elway also did it. Coach K could go on that list. Lewis and Elway are great all time players that deserve a lot of respect. Bu there have been better football players of all time. There has not been a better coach than Krzyzewski. I would not surprised to see a legend come up, call his retirement and win. If anyone would do it, it would be Coach K.


There are a lot of good teams this season including Gonzaga, Kentucky, Auburn and others. Bu to me, because of the evidence I showed you about Duke and calling your retirement history, I would not be surprised to see Coach K end his marvelous career with a 6th National Championship!


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