NFL Week 2 Power Rankings 2023: Where do the Chiefs rank after an opening loss?

NFL Week 2 Power Rankings 2023: Where do the Chiefs rank after an opening loss?

Welcome to the 2023 Week 2 NFL Power Rankings here on Chase’s Sports News, and this was one of the toughest lists I’ve ever made. And after Week 1, it always is. How much stock do you put into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after an upset win, same could be said for the Cleveland Browns? The Chiefs, Bills and Bengals all lost in Week 1, but how far down should they drop? Well, here’s what I came up with!
(*Note this was made before the Eagles-Vikings game)

1. San Francisco 49ers – 30-7 win over Steelers

Week 1 was a total mess. Baker Mayfield had a better record than Patrick Mahomes…it was crazy. The only thing that happened that was expected to happen was a 49ers win. And not only was it a win. It was PURE DOMINATION! If an 152 yard rushing day with a touchdown doesn’t solidify Christian McCaffrey’s spot as the number one running back in the league I don’t know what does, and a 19/29 two touchdown day from Brock Purdy has shut some doubters up. And also, who needs George Kittle when you have Brandon Aiyuk?! 49ers are number one!

2. Philadelphia Eagles – 25-20 win over Patriots

It may have not been the prettiest win in the world, but a win is a win as they say! Jalen Hurts was okay, but he still go in the end zone despite his fumble. A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith didn’t take a step back at all from their 2022 campaign’s…but this game was pretty bad for the Eagles. While they still won, the Eagles gave New England SO MANY opportunities to punch their ticket to a week one win, and they only reason why they won is because of Mac Jones and the talent on this New England offense. Also, someone make sure De’Andre Swift starts traveling with the team! They’re number two, but it wasn’t amazing for Philly in Week 1!

3. Kansas City Chiefs – 21-20 loss to the Lions

I’m not sure how much you expect me to drop Kansas City after a one point loss in Week 1 without two of their top three players in Travis Kelce and Chris Jones! Obviously they’re not #1, but this team should be just fine. Kadarius Toney was awful–he was handed the worst single-game rating by PFF since 2017–but he won’t be that bad again, and the rest of their receiving core will get better once Kelce’s on the field. Not to mention we saw some amazing promise from Clyde Edwards-Helaire for the first time in a long time, and the run-defense would have been much better with Chris Jones, who’s returning in Week two. I’m not worried AT ALL about the defending champs.

4. Dallas Cowboys – 40-0 win over the Giants

The Dallas Cowboys may have just had the best Week 1 performance in the history of the game! 40 to nothing. That is insane! I lost fantasy this week because the Cowboys defense/special teams had THIRTY FIVE fantasy points! Their offense didn’t have to do much. Dak threw for 143 yards and no scores, Pollard’s touchdowns came from the one and two yard line respectively, and the defense/special teams handed them three turnovers and two touchdowns. I’m not going to overreact like crazy, because we didn’t see the offense produce at a high level because they didn’t have to, but what a start for America’s team!

5. Miami Dolphins – 36-34 win over the Chargers

Everybody is flipping out over Miami’s two point victory of Los Angeles, and I understand why. Tua Tagovailoa threw for 466 yards and three touchdowns with just one interception, and Tyreek Hill’s 215 yards and two scores is putting Justin Jefferson’s spot as the best receiver in the league in jeopardy. But to me, this amazing performance by the Fins didn’t change anything I already knew about them. We know they’re a dominant offense that could explode, and has to explode to make up for their terrible defense. Nothing really changed. But their amazing performance had to raise their ranking!

6. Baltimore Ravens – 25-9 win over the Texans

The Ravens really didn’t even play that well in Week 1, but I have to put them at number six considering they still did end up winning and all they went through during that win. J.K. Dobbins, out for the season. Marcus Williams, very serious chest injury. Ronnie Stanley, injured. Tyler Linderbaum, injured. Yet a close to 80 yard performance 22nd overall rookie Zay Flowers and incredible games from the Ravens middle linebacking duo Roquan Smith and Patrick Queen brought them victory. It wasn’t the prettiest game in the world, but the Ravens are number six.

7. Buffalo Bills – 22-16 loss to the Jets

The Bills did not play exceptional football in week one. I liked what I saw from James Cook, Stefon Diggs’ 102 yards wasn’t too shabby, but Josh Allen. Those are the only words I can say. Three interceptions, all of which to Jordan Whitehead. Not involvement to Gabe Davis whatsoever. Not to mention a game changing fumble. And to add on this monstrosity of a performance, they lost to a Jets team who lost Aaron Rodgers to a season-ending achilles tear after one pass attempt, and had to the divert to how dare I say his name Zach Wilson. It was ugly!

8. Cincinnati Bengals – 24-3 loss to the Browns

The Cincinnati Bengals displayed one of the worst week one performances I’ve ever seen with my own to eyes. Joe Burrow officially signed the papers to become the highest paid quarterback in league history on Saturday, and the next day proceeded to go 14/31 for 82 yards and an interception, one of if not the worst quarterback performance of the week. Tee Higgins didn’t even catch the ball ONCE! This is still the team that has made the AFC championship in back-to-back seasons, and one of the more talented teams in the NFL. But week one was a disaster!

9. Detroit Lions – 21-20 win over the Chiefs

A lot of people have Detroit higher than this, but I feel this was the proper placing for the Lions. Yes, their win over KC was remarkable, and proved that maybe the 2nd half of last season wasn’t a fluke after all. But a lot of their question marks–Jahmyr Gibbs’ value, the Lions secondary–are still question marks, and I felt I didn’t see anything I didn’t already see from this team. Jared Goff was great and Brian Branch had a pick-six in his first game. But if Toney catches one of his wide open passes, or Kelce and/or Chris Jones is healthy, we’re having a different discussion. It was great, but I can’t put them higher than nine considering the circumstances.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – 31-21 win over the Colts

Jacksonville is a team I am very, very high on. But as my survivor pool pick in Week 1, the Jags really made my heart race! Indianapolis lead late in the third quarter, and that makes me concerned. Anthony Richardson, a rookie QB in his first NFL game who completed 54% of his passes in college, completed 65% of his passes with two scores. And the Colts put up 21 points without their star running back Jonathan Taylor. Bu  Trevor Lawrence was great, and Calvin Ridley was electrifying as ever. It was a stressful game, but the talent they have is too undeniable for them disappoint this coming year!

11. New York Jets – 22-16 win over the Bills

Obviously Monday night was a huge letdown for Jets fans with the injury to Aaron Rodgers, but this will be the final test to see if Zach Wilson has any future in this league!

12. Los Angeles Chargers – 36-34 loss to the Dolphins

Joshua Kelly and Austin Ekeler shined in Week 1, but nothing changed. We know Los Angeles has a dominant offense but just can’t play defense if their life depended on it!

13. Cleveland Browns – 24-3 win over the Bengals

The Browns humiliated the Bengals on Sunday afternoon, but I would like to see some more consistency from the $230 million dollar man Deshaun Watson!

14. Green Bay Packers – 38-20 win over the Bears

The Packers showed they really do have a good overall team, and Jordan Love shined. I just need to see more of it to put them higher!

15. New Orleans Saints – 17-16 win over the Titans

Rasheed Shaheed, Michael Thomas and obviously Chris Olave could be a dangerous WR trio, but their offense still may not be good enough.

16. New England Patriots – 25-20 loss to the Eagles

The Patriots showed they don’t have a good enough team to beat a team the caliber on the Eagles’ but they did show Belichick may be able to make the Pats competitive!

17. Los Angeles Rams – 30-13 win over the Seahawks

As good as LA played against a Seattle team I really liked this year, Tutu Atwell, Puka Nacua and Kyren Williams just won’t do what they did in Week 1 again!

18. Seattle Seahawks – 30-13 loss to the Rams

I think Seattle has a talented team so their offense will be fine, but considering how much I praised Seattle’s defense this offseason I’d like to see them start playing better football!

19. Pittsburgh Steelers – 30-7 loss to 49ers

I think this team has a ton of potential, but Kenny Pickett has to be more consistent, and Jaylen Warren may need to replace Najee Harris!

20. Las Vegas Raiders – 17-16 win over the Broncos

This offense has insane talent with Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs, but I still don’t know how Jimmy Garoppolo is going to play long-term.

21. Minnesota Vikings – 20-17 loss to Buccaneers

If this game proved one thing, it’s that the Vikings have a ton of talent on both ends of the ball but it’s not going to work this time around.

22. Washington Commanders – 20-16 win over the Cardinals

A win is a win as they say in the NFL, but considering this team has postseason aspirations and postseason caliber talent, this was disappointing.

23. New York Giants – 40-0 loss to the Cowboys

I’m not quite sure what happened at Metlife Stadium on Sunday night, but all I know is Daniel Jones’ $160 million dollar contract is starting to look bad, fast!

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 20-17 win over the Vikings

While this is a reigning division winner, please don’t put too much stock into a Tampa Bay team with Baker Mayfield at quarterback!

25. Atlanta Falcons – 24-10 win over the Panthers

It may have not been the best game in the world from Desmond Ridder, but the backfield duo of Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier should continue to scare the NFL!

26. Tennessee Titans – 17-16 loss to the Saints

Derrick Henry is still playing at a high level, but the confidence Titans fans should have in Ryan Tannehill should continue to diminish.

27. Carolina Panthers – 24-10 loss to the Falcons

While it was a disappointing performance for the team I had winning the NFC South this year, it was a rookie quarterback’s first game. Don’t worry…be happy!

28. Denver Broncos – 17-16 loss to the Raiders

Broncos Country does not Ride! The Broncos weren’t terrible in Week 1, but they didn’t have the offensive production I was anticipating!

29. Chicago Bears – 38-20 loss to the Packers

Not that it still can’t happen, but I thought Justin Fields was finally going to emerge and that the Bears would compete for a postseason position. This was horrific.

30. Indianapolis Colts – 31-21 loss to the Jaguars

Maybe Anthony Richardson is proving me wrong because he played decently in Week 1, and Indianapolis is showing some serious promise!

31. Houston Texans – 25-9 loss to the Ravens

C.J. Stroud was pretty good in Week 1 and showed some serious signs of development already, but it’s also obvious this team has a long way to go!

32. Arizona Cardinals – 20-16 loss to the Commanders

The Cardinals surprisingly hung around against Washington, but Joshua Dobbs threw for 4.4 yards per attempt and Rondale Moore led the team with 33 yards receiving. Pretty self explanatory for the last place team in the power rankings!

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