How good is the Ravens secondary…actually?

How good is the Ravens secondary…actually?

The Baltimore Ravens made another huge move to improve the defensive side of the ball on Tuesday, signing Kyle Fuller to a 1 year contract, with the money to be determined. This was a pretty surprising move if you ask me. A team that already had 2 former All-Pro cornerbacks that both made the Pro Bowl for them in 2019, is getting even more help at that same position. Fuller adds on to these corners, making the Ravens the only team in the NFL with 3 All-Pro cornerbacks! A secondary that also signed Marcus Williams to heavy 5 year contract and drafted a top draft prospect Kyle Hamilton at #14 who is coincidentally a safety, is stacked! But how good are they, actually?

I mean, Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters (their other All-Pro cornerbacks) have had some weaknesses since they’ve played. Peters was still great, getting Baltimore’s closing interception in their playoff win over Tennessee but he did have issues that season on 1 on 1 coverage, especially against fast wide receivers. He also had a torn ACL that sidelined him for the entire 2021 season. Humphrey did play for the majority of the 2021 season and played decently. He wasn’t getting close to the amount of force fumbles he had the previous season, but you never heard the commentator say his name, which describes how good of a 1 on 1 defender he is. However, you have to watch for a possible slight drop off, after also having a season ending injury in Week 12. 

While Marcus Williams is good, he hasn’t even made the Pro Bowl yet so who knows if he is worthy of the kind of money he’s making, at about $14 million per year. And Kyle Hamilton is a rookie, so struggles for him could occasionally happen at the wrong times. However, every team is going to have their slight doubts and weaknesses. But, the fact that Baltimore has this much talent in the secondary makes them a lethal defensive team. 

While the Ravens have a lot of talent, I think Marlon Humphrey is their #1 cornerback, and is one of the best cornerbacks in the entire league! Let’s look at some other superstar cornerbacks and the help that surrounds them in the secondary. Jalen Ramsey doesn’t have amazing help in the secondary after getting rid of Peters and John Johnson III in recent seasons. Tre’Davious White does have Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde at safety but has the main role in guarding the other team’s best receiver without any cornerback help. Trevon Diggs has literally no help in the secondary with the Cowboys. And Stephon Gilmore also has no help with the Colts. With the help that Humphrey has, he can improve his game ahead of some other great cornerbacks because of his efficiency, not having to always guard the other team’s best receiver, which could also give him more energy in important moments, also meaning less injury chance. 

So, they may have some weaknesses, but talent wise the Ravens have the best secondary in the National Football league and I don’t totally disagree with that at all!

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