Selection Sunday Surprises!

Selection Sunday Surprises!

Yesterday was the day they announce who’s going to March Madness and the day where fans starting picking their brackets and seeing who can go far in the dance! But, I did see some things that I didn’t expect when they selected who would be going and what seeds they would be!

Tennessee’s seeding

Tennessee has been a very successful team this season. They have wins over North Carolina, Arizona, Arkansas, Auburn and Kentucky (twice). But somehow, after dominating the SEC tournament and winning their last 7 games, Tennessee sits as a 3 seed going into March Madness, with Kentucky and Duke higher than them. Kentucky they have beaten twice and haven their number. Duke is also very cold, finishing the season 2-2 with a loss to Virginia Tech in the ACC final. Kennedy Chandler and this amazing basketball team should have been a 2 seed and are getting disrespected by the picking committee!

Creighton is a 9 seed! 

After winning back to back games in the Big East by an amazing margin, Creighton was just 1 game away from probably being a 5 seed! But all because they lost 1 game to Villanova, which was also close, means they should be 7 seeds different. Now way! Creighton has beaten UConn (5 seed) twice, Villanova once, Providence in a blowout, Marquette (9 seed as well) 3 times, etc. This is a good basketball team and the picking committee is disrespecting them by giving them a tougher San Diego State matchup compared to a 6-11 or 7-10 matchup they deserve to have!

Michigan made the tournament!!!

After the Juwan Howard nonsense and the inconsistent play of Michigan, they deserve to be in a favorable 11 seed matchup! Absolutely not! Michigan has 1 top 25 win (rankings based on now-2 if you include the teams ranking at the time)! Only 1. That is not better than what Rutgers, Indiana, Wyoming or Notre Dame has done this season. To me, they (the committee) are picking Michigan, simply because they were a #1 seed last season. If that is the case or whatever reason they have, the committee should have not put Michigan as an 11th seed or any seed in the tournament an is doesn’t make sense!

To hear my March Madness predictions, listen to me Cool Sports Network episodes over the next couple of days!


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