Cool Sports Network Bracket Challenge Standings with just 7 games remaining! Do you see your name?

Below are the standings for the Cool Sports Network Bracket Challenge!

P=Possible                    X=Incorrect

  1. Luca Pappa                 (530 points), 87%,   (GONZAGA CHAMPION)                   X                 610 MAX POINTS
  2. Grandpa Charlie        (510 points), 81%,    (NORTH CAROLINA CHAMPION) P                  1470 MAX POINTS
  3. Ms. Lewin                   (490 points), 72%     (GONZAGA CHAMPION)                 X                   570 MAX POINTS
  4. Ann LaFrancis           (470 points), 61.6%  (VILLANOVA CHAMPION)             P                   1110 MAX POINTS
  5. Chase Coburn            (410 points), 30%     (AUBURN CHAMPION)                   X                   490 MAX POINTS
  6. Mrs. Rooney              (410 points), 30%     (UCONN CHAMPION)                      X                   410 MAX POINTS 
  7. Meredith Coburn      (380 points), 18.7% (ARIZONA CHAMPION)                   X                   380 MAX POINTS 
  8. Jason Coburn            (340 points), 9.4%   (KANSAS CHAMPION)                      P                   990 MAX POINTS 
  9. Chase Coburn BIAS (320 points), 7%       (UCONN CHAMPION)                       X                  320 MAX POINTS

I think with the way that North Carolina is playing, Grandpa Charlie’s Bracket will be #1. However, I would not be surprised to Villanova or Kansas winning it all, giving the title most likely to Ann LaFrancis or Jason Coburn. Those will be the top 3 most likely. However, anything can happen in this year’s March Madness Bracket considering the fact that St. Peters, a 15 seed, is in the Elite 8. However, what we know for sure is that Luca Pappa, Grandpa Charlie, Ms. Lewin, Ann La Francis and Jason Coburn have a chance to get #1 with just 7 games to go. Thanks for all who participated and good luck over the next 7 games!

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