Is Bobby Wagner going to Baltimore?

Is Bobby Wagner going to Baltimore?

Over the last 4 days, as a Ravens fan, I have been checking google every hour to see if their is any more news on where Bobby Wagner will land. Because the 2 teams that could land him will most likely be the Super Bowl favorite. Where’s he going.

On a crazy day a couple of weeks ago, the Seahawks traded Russell Wilson and cut Bobby Wagner for cap space purposes. This immediately helps contenders who need 1 more piece to get over the top. Contenders for Wagner became the Cowboys, Rams and Ravens, Patriots and more.

The Patriots and Cowboys have not made a run at Wagner as of late. But Los Angeles and Baltimore have made a run in what will be a bidding war. Wagner visited the Rams earlier last week and visited Baltimore on Friday. Both of these teams can really use a player like Wagner.

Wagner, 31, has been a defensive monster for seasons. He has made 8 straight Pro Bowls and has made 6 All Pro teams in the process. He has led the NFL in tackles 2 times and has won a Super Bowl. He is a future Hall of Famer. But, how would he fit with the 2 teams that are rumored to get him.

The defending Super Bowl champion Rams could use Wagner to replace Von Miller. A run game that already has Aaron Donald could improve with Bobby Wagner.  With an even better pass rush and run defense, it gives cornerbacks like Jalen Ramsey less pressure and more time to make the right plays.

The Ravens could really use Wagner. The Ravens had so many injuries in their secondary last season so it might take them some time to regain chemistry and 100% health. You’ll need to have the run game locked up during that time. Wagner would add on to what was the best run defense in the NFL and replace players like Calais Campbell, Justin Houston and Josh Bynes in the run defense and pass rush if those players don’t resign.

Wagner was rumored this morning that he wants a 1 year, 11 million dollar contract. The Ravens have more cap space than the Rams with 10.25 million. However, will Wagner go for money or go for a team that he knows can win a Super Bowl? Well, as a Ravens fan I will stress until I find out!


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