NFL Week 4 Power Rankings! Who takes the No. 1 spot after a Buffalo loss?

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings! Who takes the No. 1 spot after a Buffalo loss?

Welcome to the Week 4 edition of Chase’s Sports News NFL weekly power rankings. This week also brought a fair share of upset, that has shaken up this Week’s edition of the power rankings. The Bengals and Titans both captured their first win, but where does a winless Las Vegas Raiders team, that is plays away from 3-0, land on the list? Also, who takes the No. 1 spot after losses from Buffalo, Kansas City and Tampa Bay? Let’s, get into this!


1. Miami Dolphins (3-0) – 21-19 over Bills | Up 3 | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 4)

It was only a matter of time! The Miami Dolphins, the team that could have fallen to 1-2 if they would have kept collapsing after a disaster of a 1st half in Baltimore in Week 2, are the No. 1 team on the power rankings. I wasn’t going to put them here though if I didn’t see one thing, the Dolphins defensive abilities. Their defense was down right atrocious against Baltimore, but only allowed 17 points to a Buffalo offense that is one of the more talented and unbelievably performed offense in the NFL. Combine that with Tua and his 925 passing yards and Tyreek Hill’s 317 receiving yards, the Dolphins (I can’t believe I’m saying this) are No. 1!

Next week matchup: @ Bengals (Thursday Night Football)


2. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) – 24-8 over Commanders | Up 3 | Highest Ranking: 2 (Week 4)

The Philadelphia Eagles are clicking on all cylinders right now! Their defense has only allowed 15 points combined over the past two games, against two very talented offenses I may add (Minnesota and Washington), and the offense is playing stellar. Jalen Hurts is towards the top of MVP boards (behind Lamar Jackson) and Devonta Smith is coming off an incredible 169 yard performance to obliterate Washington’s secondary!

Next week matchup: vs. Jaguars


3. Buffalo Bills (2-1) – 21-19 loss to Dolphins | Down 2 | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 3)

The Buffalo Bills took a very disappointing loss to the Miami Dolphins in Miami on Sunday. But Josh Allen has been playing at an MVP type level, throwing for 400 yards in the game despite his lowest passer rating of the season. The Bills had multiple players that we also having trouble in the terrible heat conditions in Miami, and Gabe Davis also wasn’t 100%. They were one spike away from probably winning the game! Even though injuries in the secondary could be a problem, I wouldn’t worry about Buffalo!

Next week matchup: @ Ravens


4. Green Bay Packers (2-1) – 14-12 over Buccaneers | Up 5 | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 4)

The Green Bay Packers opening day game against the Minnesota Vikings seems like years ago, because this team is playing great football. They destroyed the Bears and took advantage of a weaker wide receiver core in Tampa due to injury to knock them off. The offensive struggles are concerning, and possibly showing why the Devante Adams trade is not going down as their best trade. But they are a well rounded team, and are playing amazing ball.

Next week matchup: vs. Patriots


5. Los Angeles Rams (2-1) – 20-12 over Cardinals | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 4)

The Los Angeles Rams haven’t played amazing this season, but have kind of crawled themselves to 2-1. They just snuck out an over performing Falcons team before beating Arizona in a closer game than the score says. Matthew Stafford hasn’t really been able to get much offense going, but a breakout game from Cam Akers in Week 3, not to mention another good performance from Kupp, keeps the Rams up to par.

Next week matchup: @ 49ers (Monday Night Football)


6. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) – 37-26 over Patriots | Up 4 | Highest Ranking: 6 (Week 4)

The Baltimore Ravens got back on track with a win over the Patriots. The secondary played amazing down the stretch, especially Marcus Peters in his second game back from injury. According to PFF, Peters had 40 coverage snaps, one catch allowed, one interception, one fumble recovery, one forced incompletion and a 14.6 passer rating allowed! And Lamar Jackson had his 4th five total touchdown game of his career, as he continues to dominate the league and give himself a case to be the best player in the league!

Next week matchup: vs. Bills


7. Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) – 20-17 loss to Colts | Down 5 | Highest Ranking: 2 (Week 3)

The Kansas City Chiefs took their first loss of the season in a surprising loss against the Indianapolis Colts. The offense wasn’t able to get anything major going, and just weren’t clicking. I thought they were closer to the Bills than the next team in the league, but this loss was ugly. However, I’ve learned not to overreact to Patrick Mahomes and this Chiefs team, because they’ll always prove you wrong in the long end.

Next week matchup: vs. Raiders


8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) – 14-12 loss to Packers | Down 5 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 3)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t been amazing this season. I won’t hurt them as much for their lack of offense in this game due to injuries and suspensions from wide receivers, but the offense still hasn’t done much. Brady doesn’t the same, whether he’s just aging or whatever. I’m not overreacting but the defense is the only positive thing about this team. Because of their expectations and talent, I won’t drop them crazy but it’s not exciting to be a Bucs fan right now!

Next week matchup: vs. Falcons


9. Minnesota Vikings (2-1) – 28-24 over Lions | Down 1 | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 2)

This may be the only time where a team won and went down in the Power Rankings! Other teams just played really well! But how they played is not the reason for the drop. They made an amazing comeback after the Lions were putting the game out of reach. What does scare me is the fact that Justin Jefferson is not playing amazing like I expected. Teams may have adjusted since Week 1. And even though it’s not affecting them now, if he can’t get things going, it could affect them in the long run!

Next week matchup: vs. Bears


10. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1) – 38-10 over Chargers | Up 14 | Highest Ranking: 10 (Week 4)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are actually on a top ten NFL Power Rankings list! The Jaguars have played amazing football. The Commanders barley snuck by a win over them in Week 1, but then they shut out the Colts and humiliated the Chargers even more in Week 3. Trevor Lawrence is showing he just needed weapons and coaching to succeed, and Doug Pederson is making an amazing comeback as a head coach!

Next week matchup: @ Eagles


11. Denver Broncos (2-1) – 11-10 over 49ers | Up 9 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 4)
12. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) – 23-16 over Giants | Up 6 | Highest Ranking: 12 (Week 4)
13. New York Giants (2-1) – 23-16 loss to Cowboys | Down 1 | Highest Ranking: 12 (Week 3)
14. Indianapolis Colts (1-1-1) – 20-17 over Chiefs | Up 15 | Highest Ranking: 14 (Week 4)
15. San Francisco 49ers (1-2) – 11-10 loss to Broncos | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 3)
16. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) – 27-12 over Jets | Up 3 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 2)
17. Cleveland Browns (2-1) – 29-17 over Steelers | Up 11 | Highest Ranking: 17 (Week 4)
18. Tennessee Titans (1-2) – 24-22 over Raiders | Up 7 | Highest Ranking: 18 (Week 4)
19. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) – 20-12 loss to Rams | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 15 (Week 3)
20. Detroit Lions (1-2) – 28-24 loss to Vikings | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 20 (Week 4)
21. Los Angles Chargers (1-2) – 38-10 loss to Jaguars | Down 15 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 3)
22. Chicago Bears (2-1) – 23-20 over Texans | Up 5 | Highest Ranking: 22 (Week 4)
23. New England Patriots (1-2) – 37-26 loss to Ravens | Down 6 | Highest Ranking: 16 (Week 3)
24. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) – 29-17 loss to Browns | Down 10 | Highest Ranking: 13 (Week 3)
25. Las Vegas Raiders (0-3) – 24-22 loss to Titans | Down 8 | Highest Ranking: 9 (Week 2)
26. Carolina Panthers (1-2) – 22-14 over Saints | Up 6 | Highest Ranking: 26 (Week 4)
27. New Orleans Saints (1-2) – 22-14 loss to Panthers | Down 14 | Highest Ranking: 12 (Week 2)
28. Washington Commanders (1-2) – 24-8 loss to Eagles | Down 5 | Highest. Ranking: 15 (Week 2)
29. New York Jets (1-2) – 27-12 loss to Bengals | Down 2 | Highest Ranking: 27 (Week 3)
30. Atlanta Falcons (1-2) – 27-23 over Seahawks | Even | Highest Ranking: 26 (Week 2)
31. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) – 27-23 loss to Falcons | Down 9 | Highest Ranking: 18 (Week 2)
32. Houston Texans (0-2-1) – 23-20 loss to Bears | Down 1 | Highest Ranking: 28 (Week 2)

There was only one team that kept the same spot in this week’s edition of the power rankings. Stay tuned for the Week 5 edition next week!


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