NFL Week 9 Power Rankings! Trade Deadline Addition!

Welcome back to another edition of Chase’s Sports News NFL Power Rankings. In this week’s addition of the power rankings, we will talk less about their previous matchup, but more talk about their trade deadline acquisitions. How will this affect a very competitive Super Bowl race that sees a 7-0 Eagles for the first time since 2004 and a 6-1 Bills, that are playing at, at least the same caliber as Philadelphia! Let’s get into this!

1. Buffalo Bills (6-1) – 27-17 over Packers | Even | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 9)

The Buffalo Bills keep their beloved first place spot on the power rankings, after a defensive dominant and expected win on Sunday Night over the Packers. Despite Josh Allen’s two interception game (2nd of the season), Stefon Diggs’ 108 yards, along with a very productive defense, led Buffalo to the victory. On Tuesday’s deadline, Buffalo made a small yet impactful move by trading a low quality draft pick for Nyheim Hines, but to see how it will affect the roles of Devin Singletary and slowing improving rookie James Cook is still unknown.

Next week matchup: @ Jets

2. Philadelphia Eagles (7-0) – 35-13 over Steelers | Even | Highest Ranking: 2 (Week 9)

I’m running out of possible excuses for this Philadelphia team! I thought maybe their in-state opponent would catch them by surprise, but that lasting a total of half a quarter! Jalen Hurts had four touchdowns through the air, three of which going to A.J. Brown, who also had 156 of his 285 yards through the air. Combine that with Miles Sanders running for 78 yards and a score on the ground, and a defense that has been dominant on all aspects they could possibly be dominant at, the Eagles are dangerous!

Next week matchup: @ Texans (Thursday Night Football)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) – Bye Week | Even | Highest Ranking: 2 (Week 3)

The Kansas City Chiefs had a week off to just think about their dominant performance they had on both sides of the ball against San Francisco. Patrick Mahomes has shut up all of the doubters who thought he needed Tyreek Hill, because JuJu Smith-Schuster, Mecole Hardman and Marquez Valdes-Scantling are looking better than they ever have because of him. And while Travis Kelce is also doing his thing, the Chiefs added another future weapon for Mahomes, by trading for K’Darius Toney, who is expected to make his Kansas City debut on Sunday. While his first two seasons have been highlighted by countless injuries, the former Giant has a lot of potential to work in this system!

Next week matchup: vs. Titans (Sunday Night Football)

4. Dallas Cowboys (6-2) – 49-29 over Bears | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 9)

How bout dem’ Cowboys! Even though the Cowboys did absolutely nothing at the deadline, I don’t think they have to! They dominated over Chicago, winning 49-29 led by a strong performance from Tony Pollard. After an 131 yard and three touchdown performance with Ezekiel Elliott sidelined, he is making a case to become the Cowboys official RB1, instead of a 1A, 1B system they’ve been running with Pollard and Zeke. And despite throwing a pick, Dak Prescott seemed much more in-sync with CeeDee Lamb, Dalton Schultz and Michael Gallup (200 of his 250 yards going to those three), and the scoreboard was a result of that!

Next week matchup: Bye

5. Minnesota Vikings (6-1) – 34-26 over Cardinals | Even | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 7)

The Minnesota Vikings gave a very sloppy Cardinals Week 8 team a chance throughout the game, but their defense was able to close out a very long one possession victory. I’ve also officially decided that Justin Jefferson will go down as a Hall of Famer, and possibly one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game. They also spent the deadline by trading for T.J. Hockenson, to add another weapon to the offense. He has 395 yards in seven games this season with Detroit, and will have a pivotal role in the offense.

Next week matchup: @ Commanders

6. Miami Dolphins (5-3) – 31-27 over Lions | Up 3 | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 4)

The Miami Dolphins are getting back to where they left off with Tua, as they came back after a big time scare against the Lions. Tua has a 4-0 touchdown to interception ratio since he returned, and if you don’t include their game against Cincinnati where Tua was dealing with a concussion, the Dolphins haven’t lost a game when he’s played! They improved this already stacked team by trading for Bradley Chubb and Jeff Wilson (in separate trades), despite giving away Chase Edmunds. Chubb has already been signed to a new five year, $110 million dollar contract with Miami, and will improve this pass rush to one of the better ones in the league.

Next week matchup: @ Bears

7. Baltimore Ravens (5-3) – 27-22 over Buccaneers | Even | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 6(

The Ravens had their first multiple game win streak of the season, by defeating the Buccaneers on Tampa’s home turf, just the day before Tom Brady announced his divorce. Lamar Jackson had his first 100.0+ rating game since Week 2, and the Ravens rushing offense had over 200 yards on the ground. They improved a run defense that has already been spectacular, by trading minimal draft capital and A.J. Klein for Roquan Smith, who is currently leading the league in tackles and just had an 163 tackle season last year. The new Ravens has yet to sign a new deal, but is “ready to roll” in a Raven uniform!

Next week matchup: @ Saints (Monday Night Football)

8. Tennessee Titans (5-2) – 17-10 over Texans | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 8 (Week 9)

This is Tennessee’s fifth straight win after an 0-2 start, as Malik Willis was able to get it done in his first start for the Titans. It was more though handing the ball off to Derrick Henry, who had 219 yards (fourth straight game with over 100 yards) and two touchdowns in this game, and after a slow start is now back to his old habits, as he is 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards. He is on pace for 1,834 yards and 17 touchdowns, which would tie his career high.

Next week matchup: @ Chiefs (Sunday Night Football)

9. Seattle Seahawks (5-3) – 27-13 over Giants | Up 7 | Highest Ranking: 9 (Week 9)
10. New York Giants (6-2) – 27-13 loss to Seahawks | Down 6 | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 8)
11. Los Angeles Chargers (4-3)  – Bye Week | Even | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 2)
12. Cincinnati Bengals (4-4) – 32-12 loss to Browns | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 8 (Week 8)
13. San Francisco 49ers (4-4) – 31-14 over Rams | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 6 (Week 6)
14. New England Patriots (4-4) – 22-17 over Jets | Up 5 | Highest Ranking: 14 (Week 9)
15. New York Jets (5-3) – 22-17 loss to Patriots | Down 3 | Highest Ranking: 12 (Week 8)
16. Los Angeles Rams (3-4) – 31-14 loss to 49ers | Down 3 | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 4)
17. Arizona Cardinals (3-5) – 34-26 loss to Vikings | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 15 (Week 3)
18. Atlanta Falcons (4-4) – 37-34 over Panthers | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 18 (Week 9)
19. Cleveland Browns (3-5) – 32-13 over Bengals | Up 8 | Highest Ranking: 17 (Week 4)
20. Indianapolis Colts (3-4-1) – 17-16 loss to Commanders | Down 6 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 7)
21. New Orleans Saints (3-5) – 24-0 over Raiders | Up 5 | Highest Ranking: 12 (Week 2)
22. Washington Commanders (4-4) – 17-16 over Colts | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 15 (Week 2)
23. Las Vegas Raiders (2-6) – 24-0 loss to Saints | Down 6 | Highest Ranking: 9 (Week 2)
24. Green Bay Packers (3-5) – 27-17 loss to Bills | Down 2 | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 4)
25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) – 27-22 loss to Ravens | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 3)
26. Denver Broncos (3-5) – 21-17 over Jaguars | Up 3 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 4)
27. Chicago Bears (3-5) – 49-29 loss to Cowboys | Up 1| Highest Ranking: 22 (Week 6)
28. Carolina Panthers (2-6) – 37-34 loss to Falcons | Up 2 | Highest Rankings: 26 (Week 4)
29. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) – 21-17 loss to Broncos | Down 6 | Highest Ranking: 10 (Week 4)
30. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) – 35-13 loss to Eagles | Down 5 | Highest Ranking: 13 (Week 3)
31. Detroit Lions (1-6) – 31-27 loss to Dolphins | Even | Highest Ranking: 20 (Week 4)
32. Houston Texans (1-5-1) – 17-10 loss to Titans | Even | Highest Ranking: 28 (Week 6)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of the NFL Power Rankings! Stay tuned for the Week 10 edition!


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