Young stars are making this year’s NBA playoffs extremely entertaining!

Young stars are making this year’s NBA playoffs extremely entertaining!

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During the 2nd round of the playoffs, we have seen a lot of competitive games. The Bucks vs. Celtics game yesterday made me think about the brilliance of Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the comeback abilities of the Celtics’ overall depth. Even though there have been some low-entertainment blowouts in the 2nd round—no intention to Warriors vs. Grizzlies last night—there have also been 2 amazing series that can’t go unnoticed. And of course, it the Bucks vs. Celtics and Suns vs. Mavericks series. No offense to the Heat vs. 76ers and Grizzlies vs. Warriors series’ but they don’t show what the NBA is all about. The other two do!

After Dallas’ 111-101 win today at home, they will go back to Phoenix with all of the momentum while the Suns are hearing the blown 2-0 lead talks after last seasons “collapse” if you will in the NBA finals. However, it is anyone’s series at anyones’s time. But in my opinion, it’s Phoenix series to lose. They dominated during the regular season, and were the clear cut championship favorites. Now with at most, 1 more away game left the entire series, it’s clearly there’s to lose. However, the Mavericks aren’t some team that shines away from the moment. Being down 2-0, as a young team in the playoffs could be tough. However, the Mavericks have responded well.

You want to known why? Because Luka Doncic has turned into a demig-d himself, averaging 32, 10 and 7 with a steal while shooting 49% from the field and 38% from 3. Yes, you read that right! But, what makes this series so competitive? Young talent. The stars for Phoenix, outside of Chris Paul, include Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges. The average age of these very impactful players is just over 24 years old! The Mavericks stars have been Mr. Demig-d and Jalen Brunson. Those two have an average age of 24 as well. Most of the key pieces of what makes this series what it is, have an average age of about 24.16! Very young!

That’s not the only series that has been decided because of “young talent”. This Bucks vs. Celtics series has been something to watch. Giannis has dominated the entire season, prevailing them to a Game 1 blowout win and Game 3 win and ended up losing Game 2 because of the Celtics insane depth. I think this is Milwaukee’s series to lose. Sure Boston has had the experience with playoff and conference finals appearances. But Milwaukee is coming off a championship season and being up 2-1 with at least 1 more game at home, it’s there series to lose. But also like the last series we mentioned, it’s the Celtics series to win.

Jayson Tatum has struggled big time scoring the ball, taking care of the ball and shooting the ball. It makes sense that in his 1 good game this series, the Celtics won. He and Jaylen Brown are their key contributors. They have an average age of about 25 years old. The Bucs key contributors are Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday who despite having an average age of 29, have their top star at 27 years old.

Young talent is making this year’s NBA playoffs insane!


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