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I am sorry that I have not had a lot of posted articles recently. However, I have tried to make this website, my podcasts, etc. much larger and popular. I just wanted to update you guys on some things you will see coming up.

Some of the time that I didn’t post was because I was working on a basketball invention that has made it to the Connecticut Invention Convention. I was using a lot of my time working on that. That was why there weren’t some articles for a period of time. Shoot’n Sling all the way!


  1. Newsletter

I am thrilled to say that I have started a newsletter. After continuously reading the Enjoy Basketball Newsletter, a broadcaster like me thinks the same way. The Cool Sports Newsletter is a great way to advertise myself and give cool sports information to start your morning. I have an article coming tomorrow morning about a Frank Gore debate. I might also have one coming up about a player named Jeff Ruland who no one knows but was a talented basketball player. That is not a daily or sometimes maybe not weekly thing. To sign up and get some cool sports information, check out!


2. Podcast

Cool Sports Network listeners are probably disappointed with the lack of uploads. But there are more coming. I will be giving updates on the NBA, NHL and MLB with playoff or opening day coming up and an NFL update about the AFC. Don’t forget about the NFL draft talk and the episode coming tonight, recapping South Carolina’s win over Connecticut and previewing the national championship game between Kansas and North Carolina tonight. There is a bunch of content coming on there and Wiz Talk with Chase as well. Despite Washington’s eliminated status for the playoffs, there is a bunch covering going on there, seeing what this Wizards team could do in the future with guys like Kristaps Porzingis, Rui Hachimura and others. There is also offseason coverage and more coming this offseason which is less than 1 week away. The podcasts will be busy coming up!


3. Chase’s Sports News

There is going to be a lot of coverage over here like an MLB preview article, NBA and NHL playoff articles and more. I appreciate the continuous support we have been getting on this website and I hope you guys are enjoying. If we don’t post 1 day, above is where you guys want to look for content.

I’m never done. I always keep reaching to the top of the latter and I continue to grow the ladder at a faster speed than I grow. So I keep reaching for more. This is what I have so far and where can find content from me. Hope you guys did enjoy this article and of course, as always, I’ll see you next time PEACE!

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