Sports Update: Breaking down some things that have to be broken down in sports!

Sports Update: Breaking down some things that have to be broken down in sports!

We have saw some crazy and good things happen in sports recently throughout the last couple of days. The MLB has changed their pitch clock during different scenarios of the game, LeBron James put up 56 points in a win over the Warriors, Kristaps Porzingis had 25 points on a minutes restriction on his Wizards debut and Calvin Ridley has been suspended for the 2022 season and possibly more time as well!

The MLB changing the pitch clock is bigger than you think. There was originally not a pitch clock. But this is a great move by the MLB. The reason for the decline in popularity for baseball is because of how long the game takes and how fast action comes compared to sports like the NFL, basketball and soccer. Even the NHL at times. This helps the game speed up and helps action happen faster. Instead of waiting possibly 30 seconds to see a home run, now you only have to watch 14 seconds if no one’s on base, 19 seconds if someone is. This also helps them have similar aspects to the sports that have stole their popularity over the last 10 years. The NFL has a play clock which makes the plays happen faster. The NBA has a shot clock which means you can’t just dribble the ball for 50 seconds and take minutes to take a shot. That speeds up the game. The MLB adding this aspect is good for the sport and how it compares to its peers.

The Lakers had struggled. They had lost 4 games in a row, 2 of which by 21 and 27 points. This is not what people were expecting. Then the whole talk about their struggling since the Russell Westbrook trade and the decline of the Lakers. Now they were up against the Golden State Warriors, a team to me that had been the best team in basketball for a good portion of the season. That is where LeBron—who was listed as questionable for the game due to a knee injury—put up 56 points and 10 rebounds while beating the Warriors by 6. This made LeBron the 1st player in NBA history to have a 50 point game before the age of 21 and after the age of 35. When the doubts are on, people jumping off the LeBron Lakers bond, Lebron get’s the job done. If anyone would do it, it would be the player who has shattered the NBA for 19 years!

Last night was the long awaited Wizards debut for Kristaps Porzingis. The former All Star put up 25 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks in only 21 minutes because of his minutes restriction caused by a bone bruise that had him out the entire month of February. Despite Beal done for the season, as a Wizards fan, I am super excited to see this team throw lobs to Porzingis and others and be the fast paise, fun team they’ve been. Porzingis also shot 3-4 from downtown, something a 29% 3pt shooter usually wouldn’t do. To learn more about this, check out m Wiz Talk with Chase episode coming today or tomorrow about this great game!

Today, I was getting ready to write this article and checked my phone to see 5 notifications saying “Calving Ridley is suspended for the 2022 season and possibly more!”. I was just confused. Why would a 1400 yard receiver caliber player when healthy bet on NFL games and waste part of the prime of his career…and his cash since his contract does not count for this season! This is bad for teams like the Ravens and Patriots who were possibly thinking about trading for Ridley. This is also bad for the Falcons. With Matt Ryan, a very good but older quarterback and center and now losing you best player—who is 27 years old—the Falcons don’t know what direction they’re going to go in. But, hearing that a Pro Bowl wide receiver was suspended for this season and more was crazy and shakes up the Falcons and the rest of the NFL!

I have never done something like this before. Tell me if you guys enjoyed it!


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