Throwback Thursday: Washington Capitals vs. Sergei Bobrovsky

Throwback Thursday: Washington Capitals vs. Sergei Bobrovsky

As a Washington Capitals fan, I have been rewatching a lot their games during their incredible 2018 Stanley Cup championship run. It’s crazy to think about how the Capitals lost their first 2 games, both at home, and were in a 2OT game 3 with the Columbus Blue Jackets. That was Sergei Bobrovsky’s team in 2018. Despite success from Columbus in the first 2 games, every game was inconsistent in net for them with Bobrovsky. Fast forward just over 4 years later, through a pandemic and shorten NHL seasons, Bobrovsky is now on the Florida Panthers and facing off in the 1st round against the Capitals…again!

Bobrovsky has always been known to be an amazing goaltender. He won 2 Vezina trophies and made 2 All Star games. In fact, Bobrovsky won 1 of his Vezina trophies came 1 season before his matchup with Washington. Bobrovsky played okay against the Capitals in that series. Bobrovsky allowed either 3 or 4 goals in 5 of the 6 games in the series. He only allowed 5 goals once and that was during the final game of the series in Columbus. While Bobrovsky made some great plays, he made some dumb ones as well.

This is kind of relating to what we saw on Tuesday night. Bobrovsky allowed 3 goals to Washington. Despite having a hot 2nd period, he had a cold stretch early in the 1st period and all of the 3rd period. He had some great saves and bad plays. If those goes the way it went 4 years ago, Bobrovsky is on track to do basically the same thing. It’s crazy to think that after 4 years, the same goaltender against the same team is on pace to do the same thing!


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