“Your next” Tom Brady on Lamar Jackson! Is TB12 right?

“Your next” Tom Brady on Lamar Jackson! Is TB12 right?

According to multiple sources including ESPN, CBS Sports and Yahoo Sports, Tom Brady made an instagram post saying “Your Next” @newera_8 (Lamar Jackson’s instagram account). Now, this may be surprising to some. Joe Burrow’s in the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes was an overtime away from the Super Bowl. Josh Allen played in arguably the greatest game of all time and threw for 4 touchdowns and Justin Herbert is the starting Pro Bowl QB in an AFC that includes the players above. But the player that Brady thinks is “next” is Lamar Jackson. Now, everyone has the doubts on Lamar Jackson’s passing ability and his ability to win in the playoffs but he is still one of the best talents in football. Now, Tom Brady thinks this guys’s next, but what do I think?

Lamar Jackson has had a pretty successful career so far. He’s made 2 Pro Bowls, won 1 MVP, made an All Pro first team and has made the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons including a 14-2 season in 2019. By the way, the season he missed the playoffs, he missed 5 games and the Ravens had several key players out for the season or for a long time due to injury. While it may not seem like he’s a winner since he has had little to no success in the playoffs, he actually has a very good record. Below is his record and the record of some other young quarterbacks Brady could have chosen to say, “Your next” for:

Lamar Jackson: 41-17 (70.6896%)

Patrick Mahomes: 50-13 (79.3650%)

Josh Allen: 39-22 (63.9344%)

Joe Burrow: 12-13-1 (48.1%)

Justin Herbert: 15-17 (46.9%)

So if you actually think about it, Lamar Jackson has the 2nd best win percentage out of the 5 quarterbacks including himself above. So, saying Lamar Jackson doesn’t deserve to be recognized by the caliber of Tom Brady is disrespectful. Tom Brady had a 43-15 record through the same amount of games Lamar has played, just 2 games better. Mahomes had a 46-12 record. So, you might be thinking, why isn’t Brady giving credit to Patrick Mahomes? The player has a Super Bowl, has made 2 Super Bowl’s and hosted the AFC Championship game for 4 straight years. He’s also 26 for those of you who didn’t keep track. So, why is he getting no attention from Brady?

  1. Tom Brady has a 2-0 record in the playoffs against Patrick Mahomes. Yes, Mahomes is 2-0 against him in the regular season but winning a game in the regular season is much less valuable than in the playoffs.
  2. Lamar Jackson is the only quarterback to ever play Tom Brady and not lose to him. Yes, that was in the regular season but the difference is, unlike Mahomes’ games against Brady that he won, Lamar’s win wasn’t even close, a 3 possession win. It might be more likely for Brady to give credit to someone who he was dominated by, unlike Mahomes where he is 2-2!

That is a big thing. Again, Lamar’s 1 win in 1 game against him might not seem that impressive due to the amount of games he’s played against him but yet again, do you think Brady would admit something about Mahomes when he’s beaten Mahomes 2 times, 1 of them by more than 20 in the Super Bowl. Yes, Lamar’s 1-3 playoff record will hurt him. But, if you’re going to trust anyone in football on who they think could succeed, it would be Tom Brady! #BigTruss!


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