Super Bowl Prediction: Years or Youth?

Super Bowl Prediction: Years or Youth?

Tonight is the night, the night where everything will get decided. The Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals, 2 teams and many players that have overcame the doubts and persevered through injuries, have a chance to win what they play for. I think this will be a great game. An offense-defense kind of battle. But 1 thing stands out in this game, age. The Rams have an average age of 27.6 and the Bengals have an average age of 25.8. The Bengals are also one of only 5 teams to make the Super Bowl while having an average age under 26 according to Well, what happened to the other 4 teams that made the Super Bowl with that average age? Every single one of the teams that had this average age won the Super Bowl! Can the Bengals be the 5th to do so. Well, let’s find out! This is what I think will happen in this year’s Super Bowl with the Bengals and the Rams! Years or Youth?

Fun Fact: The 1981 49ers had an average age of 25.9 years old and won the Super Bowl…against the Cincinnati Bengals! 

Their are a lot of key players in this game. For the Bengals, Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Ja’Marr Chase, Evan McPherson, etc. for the Bengals. Matthew Stafford, Sony Michel, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Von Miller, etc. for the Rams. I will breakdown some of those players by 1-4 advanced stats that I think are very cool. We also break down the Rams and the Bengals as a team that way as well.

Evan McPherson

McPherson made a 58 yard field goal on December 19th against the Broncos, the longest field goal ever by a rookie kicker, surpassing Tyler Bass’ 54 yard field goal last season which was the record before McPherson broke it.

Justin Tucker, who is known as the greatest kicker in the history of the game, knocked down 1 game winning field goal at the distance of 47 yards to get past the Broncos and move on to the Super Bowl in his rookie season. McPherson’s kick was 52 yards when he knocked out the Titans in the divisional round.

Sony Michel

Michel had 1 touchdown against the Rams in the Super Bowl in 2018, the only touchdown in the game, and the Patriots (his team at the time) won the Super Bowl. Michel had 94 yards and a 5.2 average in the game as well

Von Miller

Von Miller has appeared in 1 Super Bowl and won it, getting past the Carolina Panthers who were led by MVP quarterback Cam Newton.

Von Miller has a 7-3 playoff record including his 3 wins in the playoffs this season. He also has a 62-49 record against the AFC in his career. If he can win this Super Bowl at the age of 32, I would like to call him, the older Klutch Kid!


The Bengals have an all time 8-6 record against the Rams. However, they had a negative point differential. 18.2-18.5. Well, this is the first time these 2 have faced off in the playoffs and I don’t think it will be that high scoring!


The Rams have 27 touchdowns all time against the Bengals. #27 for them, Darrell Henderson,, their top runner this season, is out for this game. However, can their other runners step up and run the ball effectively? Well, the Bengals have given up over 127 rushing yards per game in the playoffs. S0 yes! Can the Rams get 27 more yards?


Hope you guys enjoyed that. I have the Bengals winning by a tight field goal so Evan McPherson’s clutch-ness and Von Miller’s ability to tackle runners fast could make a difference in this game. To learn more about what I think of this game, check out #6 Cool Sports Network where I broke it all down. Enjoy the Big Game! Years or Youth?!


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