NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: The Miami Dolphins continue to swim!

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: The Miami Dolphins continue to swim!

Welcome to the Week 4 edition of 2023 NFL Power Rankings on Chase’s Sports News, and today is going to be interested. At this point in the season, we still don’t know for sure, but we’re starting to get a good idea of who’s good and who’s bad. But there are still many question marks? How does the top five shape out after a 70 point performance by Miami? Cincinnati finally has a win, but where do they rank? Here is my NFL 2023 Week 4 Power Rankings!

1. San Francisco 49ers | 30-12 win over the Giants | Last week’s ranking: 1

The San Fransisco 49ers stay at number one despite the hype from Miami. The 49ers just continue to thrive! Despite the absence of Brandon Aiyuk, Brock Purdy and this San Fran offense threw for 310 yards and two scores, 129 of those yards and one of those scores going to Deebo Samuel, who seems to be showing part of his 2021 self is still in him. The Giants were also held to 29 yards on the ground due to the 49ers amazing run defense. Niners are number one until proven otherwise!

2. Miami Dolphins | 70-20 win over the Broncos | Last week’s ranking: 4

November 27th, 1966. Why is this date important? It was the last time an NFL team accumulated 70 points in a game…until Miami did it last Sunday! An NFL record 726 yards, 350 of which coming on the ground, an area that is considered their largest weakness! It was about time that De’Von Achane broke out, as he ran for over 200 yards and two scores, Raheem Mostert added on three touchdowns, and Tua went 23-26 for four passing scores. Through three weeks, Miami has averaged over 130 more yards than any other offense in the league. Hey if you can’t out-defend them, you have to out-score them, and Miami does that!

3. Philadelphia Eagles | 25-11 win over the Buccaneers | Last week’s ranking: 2

This Philadelphia team doesn’t make sense. Because they look great. The defense proved against Tampa Bay on Monday night that they are just fine, and between De’Andre Swift’s 308 rush yards (only behind CMAC in the NFL) and the two headed receiving monster duo in A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, you’d think Jalen Hurts would be thriving. Not quite. The 23rd highest QBR in the league, three picks, two of which coming on Monday night. Let’s hope that was only because he was sick, but if Hurts can finally brings things together, with the talent around him, oh is the NFL in for a rude awakening!

4. Kansas City Chiefs | 41-10 win over the Bears | Last week’s ranking: 5

The Taylor Swift affect is real! After some glaring weaknesses in the first weeks, all this offense needed to get going was for the 12x Grammy winner to start dating Travis Kelce. Mahomes, now the youngest ever to 25,000 passing yards, was terrific in Week 3 and that’s obvious after over 270 yards and three scores on Sunday afternoon. The balanced receiving game with Kelce, Rashee Rice and Justin Watson is incredible, and to see Jerick McKinnon add significant value in the receiving game and see Isaiah Pacheco and Clyde Edwards-Helaire run the ball effectively was amazing. A ‘Blank Space’ for the Chiefs here at Number 4!

5. Buffalo Bills | 37-3 win over the Commanders | Last week’s ranking: 8

Everything that the Bills were doing wrong in Week 1 has just been forgotten after the way they’ve played these past two weeks. A dominating offensive win in back to back performances against two defenses that aren’t amazing, but also not bad. Josh Allen has been a monster, and has been dominating the game through the air and on the ground. James Cook has also been blossoming into an amazing RB1, and Stefon Diggs is, well, Stefon Diggs! I haven’t even mentioned their defense. Bills are a top five teams in football!

6. Dallas Cowboys | 28-16 loss to the Cardinals | Last week’s ranking: 3

I am very disappointed that this football team is the reason why I’m out of my survivor pool. Besides the point, I’m still confused on how Dallas lost this game. Dak Prescott had a pick, but that usually happens, and he played decent football. Over 400 yards of offense, dominating time possession and Josh Dobbs wasn’t a huge difference maker on the other hand. It’s very confusing. That’s why I’m not overreacting. But all of the ‘lack of flaws’ this team has was definitely put to the test!

7. Baltimore Ravens | 22-19 loss to the Colts | Last week’s ranking: 6

If I told you with a straight face that I wasn’t a little bit worried about my Baltimore Ravens, I would be lying. Lamar Jackson– while carrying an offense that was without its top three running backs, two starting offensive lineman and two of its top three receivers–once again collapsed in the biggest moments, something he’s done throughout his career. The defense looked great, but the Ravens inability to handle the clock and beat Gardner Minshew at home with the game in your hands is very frustrating. With two road divisional games and then a game in London coming up, this will be a game you would have wished you won!

8. Seattle Seahawks | 37-27 win over the Panthers | Last week’s ranking: 9

So I’m going to stop reminding people that I said Seattle’s defense would be the best in football this season, because it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen or even be close to happening. But, this offense looks terrific. 37 points this past week against a Carolina defense that hasn’t been terrible this season. Kenneth Walker has his job over Zach Charbonnet until proven otherwise, and once Jaxon Smith-Njigba breaks out, this team is going to explode!

9. Detroit Lions | 20-6 win over the Falcons | Last week’s ranking: 10

I think we saw this week that the Lions are a really good football team. Everybody likes to talk about offense, especially after an 80 yard day from Jahmyr Gibbs and an 100 yard day from Amon-Ra St. Brown. But this defense is what stands out to me. This season, Detroit is sixth in yards allowed, a lot of being because of their 4th ranked run defense, which was largely considered their largest weakness going into the season. Bijan was locked down, and the Falcons were minimized tremendously. We knew the offense would step up, but with this caliber defense, the Lions are going to be a team to watch!

10. Green Bay Packers | 18-17 win over the Saints | Last week’s ranking: 18

The Packers are a very good football team. Who needs Aaron Jones because Jordan Love has been playing exceptional football, and A.J. Dillon has carried the rushing attack. The defense stepped up again, and is looking like one of the more underrated in football. So you have a 2-1 team with everything falling into place. Did Derek Carr get hurt? Is there run defense proving to be weaker? Yes. But the Packers look more competitive than most of us expected them to be.

11. Las Angeles Chargers | 28-24 win over the Vikings | Last week’s ranking: 13

While it wasn’t pretty, the Chargers are in the win column after a dominating offensive win. Herbert, 405 yards and three scores, Keenan Allen getting 215 of those yards!

12. Pittsburgh Steelers | 23-18 win over the Raiders | Last week’s ranking: 14

As expected, Pittsburgh took care of business in Week 3. Watching this T.J. Watt led defense force three turnovers and get four sacks is great, but it was even more great to finally see this talented Steelers offense starting to find their groove!

13. Cleveland Browns | 27-3 win over the Titans | Last week’s ranking: 15

The Cleveland Browns steamrolled the Titans! Deshaun Watson and this offense got back on track, and this ‘holding Derrick Henry to 20 yards’ defense has easily been the best in football thus far this year!

14. Cincinnati Bengals | 19-16 win over the Rams | Last week’s ranking: 16

A win is a win in football, but this Bengals offense still doesn’t look good, and Joe Burrow just hasn’t been the same player he was!

15. Atlanta Falcons | 20-6 loss to the Lions | Last week’s ranking: 12

It was about time Bijan Robinson and this Falcons team would slow down offensively. Desmond Ridder just isn’t good enough for this team to be consistent.

16. New Orleans Saints | 18-17 loss to the Packers | Last week’s ranking: 11

Obviously losing Derek Carr mid-game hurts, but the Saints young runners just looked horrible and they blew a 14 point 4th quarter lead!

17. Los Angeles Rams | 19-16 loss to the Bengals | Last week’s ranking: 19
18. Jacksonville Jaguars | 37-17 loss to the Texans | Last week’s ranking: 8
19. New England Patriots | 15-10 win over the Jets | Last week’s ranking: 22
20. Indianapolis Colts | 22-19 win over the Ravens | Last week’s ranking: 27
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 25-11 loss to the Eagles | Last week’s ranking: 17
22. Minnesota Vikings | 28-24 loss to the Chargers | Last week’s ranking: 24
23. Houston Texans | 37-17 win over the Jaguars | Last week’s ranking: 31
24. Arizona Cardinals | 28-16 win over the Cowboys | Last week’s ranking: 32
25. Tennessee Titans | 27-3 loss to the Browns | Last week’s ranking: 20
26. Washington Commanders | 37-3 loss to the Bills | Last week’s ranking: 21
27. New York Giants | 30-12 loss to the 49ers | Last week’s ranking: 23
28. Las Vegas Raiders | 23-18 loss to the Steelers | Last week’s ranking: 26
29. New York Jets | 15-10 loss to the Patriots | Last week’s ranking: 25
30. Carolina Panthers | 37-27 loss to the Seahawks | Last week’s ranking: 28
31. Chicago Bears | 41-10 loss to the Chiefs | Last week’s ranking: 30
32. Denver Broncos | 70-20 loss to the Dolphins | Last week’s ranking: 29

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