NFL Week 17 Power Rankings! Do the Eagles stay at No. 1? Where are the Dolphins after four straight losses?

Welcome back to another edition of Chase’s Sports News NFL Power Rankings! After the long time No. 1 Philadelphia Eagles lost last week, do they drop in the rankings? Where do the Dolphins go after four straight losses? Does Baltimore rank in the top ten despite offensive struggles? And how high does Carolina rank and how low is Detroit? All of these questions will be answered, in the Week 17 edition, of the power rankings!

1. Philadelphia Eagles (13-2) – 40-34 loss to Cowboys | Even | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 17)

Despite a loss, I’m keeping the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 1. They are still the only team that doesn’t have three losses, and they had a great fight with the Cowboys despite being without NFL MVP favorite, Jalen Hurts, I’m not going to lie, this defense, who had two pro bowlers this season, allowing 40 points, is not a good sign. Even if Hurts was healthy, Philadelphia may not have been able to put up 40 point production on that Cowboys defense. But overall, they’re still easily the best team in the NFL.

Next week matchup: vs. Saints

2. Buffalo Bills (12-3) – 35-13 over Bears | Even | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 9)

The Buffalo Bills had a little bit of a scare against the Bears, but were eventually able to pull away with a victory. The Bills, who have now clinched their 3rd straight AFC East title, are starting to develop their running game, as Devin Singletary had over 100 yards and a touchdown on the ground, while rookie James Cook. was just shy with 99 yards, also getting the ball in the end zone once on the ground. Josh Allen needs to work on his turnovers, but besides that, Buffalo is ready for another deep playoff run, especially if the running game continues its success.

Next week matchup: @ Bengals (Monday Night Football)

3. San Francisco 49ers (11-4) – 37-20 over Commanders | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 17)

The 49ers are getting hot at the right time. To be completely honest, it doesn’t matter who their quarterback is, because Brock Purdy had another good performance, throwing for two touchdowns. The 49ers defense held up in the red zone, and are proving themselves to be one of the best defenses in the NFL. The 49ers have won eight straight games after a 3-4 start, and are, in my opinion, the Eagles biggest threat in the NFC.

Next week matchup: @ Raiders

4. Cincinnati Bengals (11-4) – 22-18 over Patriots | Down 1 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 16)

The Cincinnati Bengals won one of their sloppiest games of the season. Joe Burrow had three touchdowns, however had two interceptions, as he completed 42 of 50 pass attempts. Cincinnati really couldn’t generate a running game, so Cincinnati threw for 375 yards through the air, as Tee Higgins grabbed 128 yards and a touchdown, while Ja’Marr Chase had 79 yards and Trenton Irwin, who didn’t have one touchdown through the first 10 weeks of the season, had two in this game, four now since Week 11. This is the right time to win seven straight, with Baltimore right behind them in the AFC North race, and Buffalo just ahead of them in the No. 1 seed race.

Next week matchup: vs. Bills (Monday Night Football)

5. Kansas City Chiefs (12-3) – 24-10 over Seahawks | Even | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 13)

The Kansas City Chiefs had a basic, collective, team effort two possession win over Seattle. Kansas City has lost just one game since Week 6, and this game has basically recapped what has happened in this incredible stretch for Kansas City. Mahomes didn’t have a very “insane” performance, but 16-28 for 224 yards and a two touchdowns with no picks, which gives his over an 106.0 rating, isn’t too shabby either. Travis Kelce has back to games crossing 100 yards, and Jerick McKinnon, a running back, had his fourth consecutive game with a receiving touchdown. With an easy schedule remaining, don’t be surprised to see Kansas City on the top of the AFC going into the postseason.

Next week matchup: vs. Broncos

6. Dallas Cowboys (11-4) – 40-34 over Eagles | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 14)

The Dallas Cowboys are playing great football, after another victory over their division rival. While let the Cowboys defense let Gardner Minshew do more than he should have, the offense stepped up. Even though he had a pick-six, Dak Prescott overall had a good game, throwing for no more interceptions, three touchdowns and 347 yards. CeeDee Lamb was terrific, as he had 120 yards and a two touchdowns, while Ezekiel Elliott showed he still has something left in the tank, running for 55 yards and a touchdown.

Next week matchup: @ Titans (Thursday Night Football)

7. Minnesota Vikings (12-3) – 27-24 over Giants | Down 1 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 11)

The Minnesota Vikings have won another one possession game, bringing that season total to 11-0, most wins by a team in one score games in one season in NFL history! Greg Jospeh’s 61 yard field goal sealed the deal, but the offense was led by Kirk Cousins, who was 34-48 for 299, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions, and mainly, Justin Jefferson, who had 133 yards and a touchdown, and is currently on pace to break Calvin Johnson’s single season receiving yard record. JJETAS!

Next week matchup: @ Packers

8. Baltimore Ravens (10-5) – 17-9 over Falcons | Up 3 | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 6)

The Baltimore Ravens have clinched a playoff spot, after a six game losing streak to end the season ruined their hopes last year. Even without Lamar Jackson, Tyler Huntley had a 94.0 rating, throwing for a touchdown and no interceptions, while Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins have dominated on the ground, as they ran for a combined 158 yards. The Ravens defense has also been terrific since Roquan Smith has come on board, holding the Falcons to no touchdowns despite four red zone trips and two trips to the one yard line.

Next week matchup: vs. Steelers (Sunday Night Football)

9. Los Angeles Chargers (9-6) – 20-3 over Colts | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 2)

The Los Angeles for the first time under Justin Herbert, however, it hasn’t been Hebert. While Herbert has played well this season, he has the lowest passer rating of his career, lowest projected touchdown total, and his touchdown percentage is nearly 2% lower than his rookie season, 2.4% lower than his sophomore season. Luckily for him, his underwhelming play hasn’t made too much of a difference, since the defense forced three interception on Nick Foles Monday night, and have allowed just over 11 points per game in this three game winning streak.

Next week matchup: vs. Rams

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8) – 19-3 over Jets | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 10 (Week 17)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on a roll. After starting the season 3-7, the Jaguars are 7-8, currently holding the top spot in the AFC South, as they look to capture their 2nd divisional title in the 21st century, despite holding the No. 1 pick in back-to-back seasons. Upset wins against Baltimore and Dallas have gotten them to this point, Trevor Lawerence is making a great case to be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, as he has thrown for 24 touchdowns, just seven interceptions, while completing 66% of his passes.

Next week matchup: @ Texans

11. Miami Dolphins (8-7) – 26-20 loss to Packers | Down 3 | Highest Ranking: 1 (Week 4)
12. New York Giants (8-6-1) – 27-24 loss to Vikings | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 8)
13. Detroit Lions (7-8) – 37-20 loss to Panthers | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 9 (Week 16)
14. Washington Commanders (7-7-1) – 37-20 loss to 49ers | Even | Highest Raking: 11 (Week 15)
15. New England Patriots (7-8) – 22-18 loss to Bengals | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 13 (Week 12)
16. Carolina Panthers (6-9) – 37-20 over Lions | Up 10 | Highest Ranking: 16 (Week 17)
17. New York Jets (7-8) – 19-3 loss to Jaguars | Down 2 | Highest Ranking: 10 (Week 14)
18. Green Bay Packers (7-8) – 26-20 over Dolphins | Up 4 | Highest Ranking: 4 (Week 4)
19. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8) – 13-10 over Raiders | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 13 (Week 3)
20. Las Vegas Raiders (6-9) – 13-10 loss to Steelers | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 9 (Week 2)
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8) – 19-16 over Cardinals | Down 1 | Highest Ranking: 3 (Week 3)
22. New Orleans Saints (6-9) – 17-10 over Browns | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 12 (Week 2)
23. Tennessee Titans (7-8) – 19-14 loss to Texans | Down 5 | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 12)
24. Atlanta Falcons (5-10) – 17-9 loss to Ravens | Down 4 | Highest Ranking: 16 (Week 10)
25. Cleveland Browns (6-9) – 17-10 loss to Saints | Down 2 | Highest Ranking: 17 (Week 10)
26. Los Angeles Rams (5-10) – 51-14 over Broncos | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 5 (Week 4)
27. Seattle Seahawks (7-8) – 24-10 loss to Seahawks | Even | Highest Ranking: 8 (Week 10)
28. Indianapolis Colts (4-10-1) – 20-3 loss to Chargers | Down 3 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 7)
29. Chicago Bears (3-12) – 35-13 loss to Bills | Up 1 | Highest Ranking: 22 (Week 6)
30. Houston Texans (2-12-1) – 19-14 over Titans | Up 2 | Highest Ranking: 28 (Week 6)
31. Arizona Cardinals (4-11) – 19-16 loss to Buccaneers | Even | Highest Ranking: 15 (Week 3)
32. Denver Broncos (4-11) – 51-14 loss to Rams | Down 3 | Highest Ranking: 11 (Week 4)

Two weeks left. Let’s see how this playoff race turns out!

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