Ben Powers Answers: Going over some answers I heard from Ben Powers and breaking them down!

Ben Powers Answers: Going over some answers I heard from Ben Powers and breaking them down!

Today, I had the great opportunity to sit down and talk to Ben Powers with a lot of my friends. Ben, if you are reading this, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to talk to us. We got to ask a handful of questions and I want to break down some of the most memorable and interesting answers that he had that has to do with on the field and off the field. Below is his answers to some questions and breaking them down!

Who is the hardest defensive lineman you’ve ever faced?         Ben’s Answer: Cameron Heyward, DT, Steelers

When Ben was asked this question, T.J Watt and Myles Garrett come to mind since he’s on a team in the AFC North and has gone against those defensive players. But if you look at where he is positioned on the field, he is an offensive guard which means he is guarding the players toward the middle, the defensive tackles, not the edge rushers. So then Cam Heyward immediately comes to mind. Heyward has spent his entire 11 year career with Pittsburgh and has made 5 Pro Bowls and has 3 All Pro appearances. Well, he comes to play when going against Powers. He had 1 sack and 4 combined tackles against Baltimore in Powers’ first ever NFL game in the 2019 season. In 2020, Powers’ played 1% of the snaps against Pittsburgh in his first game so that doesn’t exactly count. In their next meeting, Heyward had 1 sack against Powers who played 100% of the snaps. Powers missed their 2nd meeting in 2021 due to a turf toe but in their first meeting, Heyward put up another sack. Makes sense why Powers said Heyward!

What is it like blocking for Lamar Jackson?                              Ben’s Answer: He is an extremely talented athlete

This one doesn’t need much discussion! Lamar Jackson is one of the most electrifying players to ever play the game and has won an NFL MVP. Powers was describing Lamar as this extremely great athlete that makes his job easier!

What is it like when you lose or make a bad play and how do you overcome it?           Ben’s Answer: It’s all a mental game

Every NFL player is going to make mistakes. It happens. But how do you overcome them? I was very tempted to hear Ben’s answer. He said it’s all a mental game. This is true in anything you do. But for sports, look at Ben Simmons. Ben hasn’t played this year due to mental issues he has going on. This all started when he passed up on an open layup in the Eastern Conference 2nd round last season. And considering Ben has played a lot of the Ravens snaps the last 2 seasons, he’s going to make some mistakes. But overcoming them is the most important thing and I think that is a lesson for not just football but everything you do in life!

Those were some of Ben’s answers that I thought were interesting. Ben, thanks for letting us talk to you and thanks to my friends who asked great questions along with me!


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