MAAC: Previewing the Fairfield Stags vs. St. Peters Peacocks! Can Fairfield win over a 9-5 conference team?

The Peacocks head to Webster Bank Arena tonight to take on the Stags. This game should be very close. ESPN and CBS Sports both think this will be a close game according to their spreads, 1 and 1.5 respectively. Today is my birthday and I am actually going to the game and as a Fairfield boy, I’m really excited to see Jay Young’s squad led by Jesus Cruz have a close game against a team who is near the top of the conference. In a game that is nationally televised on ESPNU, I will tell you what I think is going to happen on my birthday!

Interesting Stats: Fairfield (By ESPN)

69.8 PPG (3 more than SP)

66.4 PPG Allowed (2.4 more than SP)

44.5% FG% (2.7 more than SP)

35.0 RPG (0.8 less than SP)

12.5 AST (0.3 less than SP)

2.9 BPG (1.6 less than SP)

5.4 SPG (3.3 less than SP)

So, while Fairfield seems to not be doing great compared to Saint Peters when it comes to individual categories, they seem to do a better job at getting points on the board. Plus, the difference between Fairfield and St. Peters PPG is 0.6 larger than the difference between St. Peters and Fairfield PPG Allowed. However, this hasn’t translated to wins. While St. Peters (21 GP) has played less games than Fairfield (26), they have an above 500. record compared to Fairfield’s 12-14 record. However, this will be a close game due to Fairfield’s scoring ability.

Fairfield has a lot of players that could step up. Taj Benning is Fairfield’s leading scorer with 11.2 points per game. Caleb Green is Fairfield’s leading assister with 2.8 a game. He does a great job at being a point guard and has incredible basketball IQ. Also, Supreme Cook went off for 17 points in Fairfield’s loss to Massachusetts on Thursday. He is a very reliable scorer. They also have Jesus Cruz who has been their leader and best player of a couple of years at this point. Because of this talent, Fairfield will give me a nice birthday gift and a win at home!


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