Wiz Talk with Chase: Previewing the Wizards vs. Pistons Game! Can the Wizards start their not impossible playoff run?

Wiz Talk with Chase: Previewing the Wizards vs. Pistons Game! Can the Wizards start their not impossible playoff run?

Tonight, the Detroit Pistons head to the Nation’s Capital in a showdown against the Wizards. While the Pistons haven’t been that good this season, they have won 3 out of their last 4 games, all of them against play-in or better teams. However, this is after they went on an 8 game losing streak that was capped off by a loss to Washington. As for the Wizards, they have lost their last 2 games—by only 4 points each—one of them a 2OT loss against San Antonio. The Wizards are gaining a knew piece back for this game. After joining Chicago and San Antonio (Spurs for 1 game) for a combined 3 years, Thomas Satoransky is back where it all started in DC. He spent 3 seasons in Washington while averaging 7 and 4 per game. He also averages those numbers in his games where he plays Detroit (so far 16 games). Can the Wizards find a way to win on Thomas Satoransky’s first night back in DC!

My prediction: Wizards win by 7

The Wizards have simply been the better team than Detroit this season. This game will be close though. Let’s look at the Pistons latest win, against Charlotte in a game that went to overtime. They won by shooting well from the 3pt line. They shot 41.9% from the arc. If only I told you the Wizards allows their opponents to shoot 35% from 3 per game this season. Wait a minute, that happens! The Pistons also shot well from 3 in their win over Boston before the All Star break. They shot 53.3% from downtown! That is unheard of, especially for a 15 win team. The thing is, the Pistons overall this season are the 2nd worst 3pt shooting team in the league when it comes to 3pt%. The Wizards have also shot well from 3. In their 2 games since the All Star break, they have shot 44.3% from downtown according to StatMuse. The Pistons—in their 3 games since the All Star break—have shot 31.7% from the arc. So, when the Pistons shoot well from 3, they can win. But, they usually don’t. That inconsistent play will go in Washington’s favor and they will win the game because of it!

Superman Sleeper: Thomas Satoransky, the newly acquired Wizard, is my Superman Sleeper for tonight’s game. The last time the Wizards played the Pistons (on Valentines Day), I picked Ish Smith as my Superman Sleeper since Detroit does not have a lot of point guard depth. However, with Satoransky, him and Ish will split minutes. Satoransky will play well because his skills matchup with Detroit’s weaknesses. He shot 40% from downtown in his 3 seasons with Washington combined and is a 36% 3pt shooter for his career. The Pistons let their opponent shoot 37.5% from downtown! That is the worst in the league. Satoransky and his 3pt shot will take advantage of that and he is the Superman Sleeper because of it!

1-1,000,000 chance

The Wizards will be down by 1 point and halftime, be up by 9 going into the 4th and win by 7


Wizards                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pistons

Neto                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cunningham

Kispert                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Joseph

Caldwell-Pope                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bey

Kuzma                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Grant

Gafford                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Stewart


Wizards: Beal (IR), Porzingis (Out), Carey Jr. (Questionable)

Pistons: Bagley (Questionable), Diallo (Doubtful), Jackson (Questionable)


Enjoy the Game!


Chase Coburn



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