Wiz Talk with Chase: Previewing the Wizards vs. Heat Game! Can the Wizards win without Beal and Gafford?

Wiz Talk with Chase: Previewing the Wizards vs. Heat Game! Can the Wizards win without Beal and Gafford?

The Washington Wizards will take on the Miami Heat tonight in what you would think would be a lopsided matchup. However, the Heat will most likely be missing Tyler Herro and could also be missing Jimmy Butler. This makes it a little more even. Well, the Wizards need that because of the Heat have had their number this season. The Heat are 2-1 against the Wizards this season but have a +19 point differential against them. That means they’re beating them by over 6 points per game. So, the Heat being favored by 6 isn’t that crazy. However, while the Heat do have injuries, so do the Wizards. Bradley Beal is still out with his wrist injury on what might be his last game considered a Washington Wizards. Daniel Gafford is also out since he is in health and safety protocols. A lot can happen in this game with the injuries and the divisional showdown, but what do I think will happen?

My Prediction: Heat will win by around 8-13 points (difference depending on Butler’s status)!

I do think the Wizards have a chance to win this game because of how they beat the Heat the first time. Their win was mostly due to letting the star (Jimmy Butler) do his thing and take away everyone else. Also, Spencer Dinwiddie and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope both had great games. Dinwiddie’s 20, 8 and 5.5 without Bradley Beal in the lineup isn’t going anywhere. Hmm. interesting! If both of them have good games, this could move the Wizards up to 25 wins. It’s definitely interesting to think about!

Superman Sleeper: I think Kentavious Caldwell-Pope can have a good game like he did against the Heat when the Wizards won. He will most likely either be guarded by a hurt Jimmy Butler or an injured Max Strus. Assuming KCP can’t have a good game against that is underestimating his abilities. I expect Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to make a big impact in this game!

I would say the starters but with the injuries, it is not decided who the starters will be! Same with injuries, we still don’t know who will be out!

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