NBA Finals 2022 Game 5 Preview: Will my prediction be in jeopardy?

NBA Finals 2022 Game 5 Preview: Will my prediction be in jeopardy?

Tonight is game 5 of the NBA finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Game 5 was all about Chef, as he cooked up 43 meatballs in 41 minutes! Jokes aside, Stephen Curry had another amazing performance. But, that’s is how it has been every single game so far in this year’s finals, putting up 34 and 31 points respectively in Golden State’s 2 losses. Something that has also stayed the same is the pattern. Boston has won games 1 and 3, and each time Golden State responded with a win the next game. And this was something that had been going on the entire playoffs for both of these teams, as you can see here on an ESPN YouTube post after Golden State won game 2:

Boston has extended their point differential even higher and their record in this category up to 7-0 after their response in game 3 and Golden State has moved up to 6-0 in this year’s playoffs after their win on Friday, which was mainly due to Curry’s masterclass of a performance. But will this streak continue with a Boston win tonight? And even a better question, if they lose, is my prediction in jeopardy?

In February, I predicted the Boston would win the NBA championship and a lot of doubts have gone away each series that Boston has won. But they still need to win 2 more games to win the NBA championship. Now, I’ll admit my loses when I have them. My game 3 prediction that Jaylen Brown would not play well turned out to be pathetic! Brown had 22 points in the 1st half and finished game 3 with 27 points on 9-16 shooting from the field. This is important because unlike Boston, Golden State has shut down their opposing teams beat player. But the Celtics defense has let Curry do his thing, but has only limited him to 15 assists in 4 games. This is a reason why Draymond Green has declined tremendously. And the only reason Golden State won game 4 was because Curry was so dominant, that Boston had no hope at that point. But the chef isn’t going to cook up the success he had in the kitchen again tonight!

He’s still going to get around 25-35 points while shooting lights out from 3 because of the way Boston’s defense has played against them. However, that’s not unstoppable if others are getting shut down. And that is the reason why Boston will win game 5. In Golden State’s game 1 win in the Western Conference Finals over the Mavericks, 7 players had over double figures Golden State. So far in this series, the highest amount of double digit scorers the Warriors have had in a game is 5. Boston’s defense is like no other. And when Curry isn’t superman, Golden State is desperate against the Celtics. And as I mentioned, Jaylen Brown is playing amazing. So if Tatum struggles like he has in some moments during the finals, Brown will be there to help. I was wrong. Jaylen Brown is quietly the most valuable player for Boston in this series and Golden State isn’t stopping it.

I’m sorry for doubting Jaylen Brown. Boston will win this game because of their incredible defense scheme led by head coach Ime Udoka, their defensive talent led by DPOY Marcus Smart and their quiet offense led by Jaylen Brown, will have a Dub against the Dubs in Golden State!


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