The MLB announced something that hurts us inside!

The MLB announced something that hurts us inside!

On December 1st, 2021, the MLB was just starting to fall apart and we didn’t know it! That day was the start of the MLB lockout. The MLB lockout is about the 2016 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the league and its owners and the MLB Players Association. This 5 year CBA agreement ended on December 1st which meant the MLB decided for lockout the day after to get a new CBA agreement. The CBA agreement involves contracts, players, owners, a lot of things. But something important is the CBA controls the length of the MLB season! The MLB announced that if they don’t come to an agreement anytime soon, there will be a shorten MLB season!

The popularity of the MLB has been going down. Baseball is no longer a popular sport, being the 3rd most popular sport in America behind football and basketball. There is also a big argument to be made that they should be lower. Their viewership has also gone down. In 2003, 25.47 million people watched the World Series. This year’s World Series, 11.75 million people watched, a dramatic decrease! This is because American Football and Basketball have taken over. If MLB doesn’t have a season, what could happen? I mean think about it! It’s popularity continues to go down and no they go over so many games missing the sport. The MLB would be the last thing sports fans think about because of their lack of games. This lets sports like Hockey, Tennis, Soccer and Golf get more popular while the MLB will have way less fans just because of a less games in the season!

While no stats say it, the MLB is no longer a sport that many people talk about for its current play or highlighting moments. The sport is too slow for that kind of action. While basketball and football have more action in 1 drive/possession than 1 baseball game has! If they can’t come to an agreement, I think this could be the start of a slow breakdown of fans for the MLB!


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