Derby Day: Going over Kentucky Derby history!

The Kentucky Derby is one of the best days in sports and it’s back! I’m personally not a horse racing expert (yet), but I think it’s interesting to go over the history of the Kentucky Derby.

Last year, Bob Baffert’s Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby before it came out the horse had steroids, now speculating rumors of Bob Baffert cheating over the years, since he has won 6 that actually count. Baffert went from being a legend to being considered a possible cheater throughout his championships starting in 1997.

One of the most impressive horse’s of all time is Secretariat, who won the triple crown in 1973 despite having injuries. In fact, they made a movie about the horse and its ability to overcome and win. Secretariat is known to be one of the greatest horse’s in the history of horse racing.

The winner of last year’s Kentucky Derby ended up being Mandaloun, who was trained by Brad H. Cox. This year, Cox trained #16 Cyberknife, who was 14-1 odds of winning this year’s Kentucky Derby. Maybe back-to-back for Cox, just with different horse’s?!

Let’s see who is going to win this year’s Kentucky Derby! Make your bets, invite your friends and have fun!


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